8 very good reasons so welcome CapaOne Portal
March 3, 2020

Starting today, it has become much easier to be a customer of CapaSystems.

CapaOne Portal has seen the light of day and is CapaSystems new customer service area that will gather all contact between us and our customers.

Use a single login to:

  • Customer Services
  • Order of consultants
  • CapaFactory
  • CapaImages
  • CapaPacks
  • Contract overview
  • Documentation
  • Forum

The development team and Customer Service Team has between resource-demanding software releases worked hard to get CapaOne Portal ready for our customers. We have focused on making it easy for our customers to get in touch with us, and with this portal we have tried to ensure the overview and at the same time enabled task that they previously had to contact customer service to get fixed. The work with CapaOne Portal does not end here – we have several new initiatives up our sleeve, says CTO Martin Søndergaard.

The first version of CapaOne Portal also features CapaInstaller Forum and PerformanceGuard Forum – a long-sought-after desire from our customers, who now can exchange experiences regarding the products they have in common.

Read more about the new Customer Service area on our website – and use the link to visit CapaOne Portal.

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