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CapaSystems is dedicated to creating better overview, lower costs, higher end-user satisfaction and greater flexibility for our customers. We do that by delivering expertise and smart technology that harnesses the potential of our customers’ IT systems. With CapaSystems you are sure to get a solution that matches your needs.

CapaSystems develop CapaInstaller and PerformanceGuard and offer both Mobile Device Management, Desktop Management and Synthetic and Real End-User Management.


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Mobile Device Management

An increasing number of employees are working from their own devices. Access to the company’s core systems is no longer protected by a login within the firewall’s secure environment. At the same time, IT must deploy, maintain and support an increasing number of devices on both traditional computers and mobile devices.

Without having a single access to all your systems, you risk wasting time, increased costs and severe security breaches.

Performance Monitoring

Stop using hours every day on finding applications and processes that steals resources from your end-user computers.

  • IT department saves time
  • End-users become more efficient
  • The company gains higher productivity

Too many IT departments waste too much time searching for errors. But not only the IT department feels the impact, the end-users and the company are affected as well — the end-users by annoying latency and the company by loss of productivity and competitive edge.

Software as a Service

CapaInstaller reduces downtime and manual processes by creating overview and access to central management of computers and devices.
It takes more than elbow grease to reduce the total costs for installation, management and maintenance of computers.

Getting satisfied users, and at the same time optimising the consumption of resources in the it department, takes a thouroughly tested and stable computer and device management solution, which has proven that these challenges have been managed.