Real End User Performance Monitoring

IT Operations mostly discovers infrastructure problems when end users complain. This causes downtime for the productive link in the business chain and extra costs for IT Operations as they must use resources on troubleshooting rather than managing the infrastructure.

Real end-user performance monitoring lets your business discover problems before they lead to downtime.


Facts over feelings

When end users call Service Desk with a problem, it means that they have become frustrated enough to complain, and as a result their productivity plunges to zero. It’s often difficult for end users to describe problems well enough for supporters to easily identify them.

This is where real end-user performance monitoring steps in. Collecting objective performance data provides Service Desk with much more information than they get from end users.

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Reduce troubleshooting costs

When PerformanceGuard collects data from all end-user computers, including information about their interaction with all systems, your Service Desk becomes able to identify if a problem is related to a single computer and solvable by Service Desk, or if the problem must be escalated to IT Operations for further investigation – in which case the initial analysis from Service Desk will greatly help IT Operations in their investigation.

With PerformanceGuard, Service Desk no longer needs to spend valuable time investigating issues that can only be solved by IT Operations, and IT Operations will no longer need to spend time investigating trivial issues that could have been solved by Service Desk.

This is how it works


Widgets provides intuitive presentation of data
PerformanceGuard dashboards offer a range of widgets that present performance information intuitively.

Always on track
As PerformanceGuard is able to monitor multiple features at the end user, without slowing them down, it gives IT the possibility of being one step ahead of problems.

Security Events
PerformanceGuard will register an event if a computer connects to more than 200 different IP addresses within one minute, because that can be a sign of malware or virus.

Two years of data by default
You can view performance information from the last two years (if agents have been running on the computers for that long).


Identify key breakdown problems
With its multiple monitoring features, PerformanceGuard is able to identify in real timewhich applications are causing a breakdown.

Neighborhood monitoring
PerformanceGuard collects and analyzes data from neighborhood computers so Service Desk always knows if a problem is isolated to a single computer, or if it is a large-scale problem.

Instant Use
When you have installed PerformanceGuard agents, you’re instantly able to monitor activity on the computers. After a few hours you are able to not only use the collected information to track issues on single computers but also able to gain an overview of the entire IT system.

Agent Footprint
PerformanceGuard leaves virtually no footprint! Only 3.5 KB every 3 minutes – less than 0,5% CPU.

Very soon PerformanceGuard provided enough value for us to invest in it …

Søren Morthorst,
Service Level Manager,
Copenhagen City Council, Denmark

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