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CapaSystems is a Danish software development company and consultancy. Since 1996 we’ve been dedicated to delivering software solutions that provide our customers with better overview, improved end-user quality of experience and increased flexibility while reducing their costs. We do that through expert advice and smart technology that helps our customers release the full potential of their IT systems.

With CapaSystems you can be sure of getting a solution that matches your needs.

CapaSystems develop the CapaInstaller and PerformanceGuard software solutions at two development centers in Denmark. CapaSystems solutions are used by enterprises throughout the world.

The road leading from an idea to a fully developed software solution is short in CapaSystems. We have always taken pride in keeping in touch with our customers, listening to their wishes.

In practice, the impact of this has been significant. Many of the innovative features seen in our software started out as an idea in our customers’ minds.

CapaSystems is continuously on the look for new colleagues for exciting and challenging jobs. See vacancies by clicking here.

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Why CapaSystems

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Our Customers

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This is how it all started

Back in 1991, Søren Leth Truelsen established the company Capacity Group – an IT company supplying complete IT solutions including software, hardware and consulting services.

In 1997 Søren Leth Truelsen sold this company to the American company Computer Associates, apart from the main product NetCon. Computer Associates also acquired 50 employees as well as offices in USA, England and Germany.

CapaSystems A/S was formally established the 1st of March 1996, but it was not until the 1st of April 1997 that 6 employees, who were not part of the acquisition, formed CapaCity Systems. In December 1997 it was decided to rename the company CapaSystems A/S and the business activities started.

CapaSystems started as implementation partner for Computer Associates and was the top selling partner in 1998. CapaSystems produced small add ons for NetCon (later UAM / AimIT) concurrently with requests from the customers.

In 2000, CapaSystems started developing proprietary products; Package Creator, developed in collaboration with LEGO, as well as OS Deployment, developed in cooperation with Danish Crown. Both LEGO and Danish Crown were business partners even before Computer Associates bought Capacity Group. Storstrøms County (now a part of Region Zealand) was active founding CapaInstaller together with CapaSystems.

With CapaInstaller, we now had a complete solution that covered the entire installation process from bare metal to a fully configured and personalized PC.

Up until October 2008, CapaInstaller was the cornerstone and sole focus of the company. In late 2008 CapaSystems bought the company Premitech – the developer of the award-winning PerformanceGuard solution. PerformanceGuard enables IT departments to gain an exact, real-time measurement of end-user application and infrastructure IT performance to ensure optimal IT service delivery.

Since the acquisition of Premitech, CapaSystems has been able to retain customers and employees and has succeeded in creating an economically viable business.

Today, CapaSystems A/S is Scandinavia’s leading provider of Service Management Solutions and employs 52 employees located in two offices, in Taastrup and Skanderborg respectively. Currently, CapaSystems has customers placed in numerous countries – customers that make use of CapaSystems platforms; CapaInstaller or PerformanceGuard.

Our business environment is competitive, consisting of both local and multinational competition. In order to be no. 1 we must deliver the best solutions and induce value through consultancy services. From the very beginning we have focused on delivering innovative software, which incorporates the necessary flexibility and solves the tasks of our customers.

The road leading from an idea to a fully developed software solution is short in CapaSystems. We have always taken pride in keeping in touch with our customers, listening to their wishes. In practice, the impact of this has been significant. Many of the customers requests forms the basis of the innovative features seen in our software started.

We began as consultants, and today we consider our consultants to be the best in the market. They are widely respected among colleagues and competitors, and they continuously upgrade their knowledge on leading-edge technology and products on our market. This means that the expertise we offer is of the highest level, and not just limited to CapaInstaller Software. For our customers it means added value beyond their software solutions.


We enable companies to move from present day IT operations to business centric management of services


A future where smart technologies will eliminate all manual processes