it performance monitoring

Identify your resource thief in seconds with PerformanceGuard

What sets your IT system in slow motion?

Stop using hours every day on finding applications and processes that steals resources from your end-user computers.
  • IT department saves time
  • End-users become more efficient
  • The company gains higher productivity
Too many IT departments waste too much time searching for errors. But not only the IT department feels the impact, the end-users and the company are affected as well — the end-users by annoying latency and the company by loss of productivity and competitive edge.

"Organizations using PerformanceGuard benefit from lower operational costs, increased productivity and increased end-user satisfaction."


For any organization who aims at optimizing end-user productivity by using IT services, CapaSystems provides a software solution which reduces IT downtime for the end-user and thus optimizes productivity by pinpointing performance issues "on the fly"


The PerformanceGuard architecture consists of agents, one on each computer and a number of Front-end Servers receiving data from the agents and acting as data repositories. Data from Front-end Servers are sent to and consolidated on a central PerformanceGuard Back-end Server. The view of the end-user experience is provided in real-time. 


How well would your business succeed if you always had the answers to these questions?
  • Is there a problem?
  • Who is affected?
  • Where is the problem located?
  • When did the problem occur?
Do not worry - you are not the only business not able to answer those 4 complex questions. If you would like to know the answers, then PerformanceGuard is the right tool for you.


The PerformanceGuard agent is installed on each computer, where it passively monitors and collects computer performance data from an end-user perspective. Response times and other network metrics as well as computer performance metrics are measured to provide data on the entire IT infrastructure, including end-user computers, network and servers. Measurements cover client/server applications as well as web-based services and network latency. PerformanceGuard collects the data locally for a predefined period and at regular intervals sends data to the PerformanceGuard server where it is presented in an intuitive web interface.


Organizations that use PerformanceGuard benefit from lower operational costs, increased productivity and increased end-user satisfaction. 


  • Service Desk first call resolution
  • root cause analysis
  • trend identification 
  • knowledge source for proactive configuration
  • event drill-down to affected end-users 
  • end-user Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting
  • Service Level Agreement building and monitoring


  • Reduce downtime. In seconds you will know what slows your IT systems down and which end-users experience resource problems
  • KPI measurements. Set KPIs for your system performance and use PerformanceGuard to evaluate them
  • Fast implementation. PerformanceGuard can be installed in hours and will instantly start measuring and contributing to increased productivity and efficiency
  • Monitor cloud services in one single IP address. Merge multiple IP addresses, DNS names and the entire network into one virtual IP address. Example: View how your outsourced cloud service performs as a whole
  • Better overview. Template-based dashboards makes it easy to monitor your performance counters and track KPIs