Enabling users
to make better business

PerformanceGuard will help you identify if, where and when
an end-user experiences IT problems

For any organization who aims at optimizing end-user productivity by using it-services, CapaSystems provides a software solution which reduces it downtime for the end-user and thus optimizes productivity by pinpointing performance issues "on the fly"

How well would your business succeed if you always had the answers to these questions?

• Is there a problem?
• Who is affected?
• Where is the problem located?
• When did the problem occur?
PerformanceGuard overview billede_aug 2014


• Know if, where and when a problem has occurred

• Monitor real end-user experience

• Monitor all systems for all users – all the time

• Have focus on business impact via KPI

Organizations that use PerformanceGuard benefit from lower operational costs, increased productivity and increased end-user satisfaction. In addition PerformanceGuard helps you optimize IT - specifically in an “end-user and business context” by providing multiple out-of-the-box measurements and reports


PerformanceGuard is used for

• Service Desk first call resolution

• Root cause analysis

Trend identification 
• Knowledge source for proactive configuration
• Maximizing utilization of Service Desk resources
• Event drill-down to affected end-users 
• End-user Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting
Service Level Agreement building and monitoring

How it works

The PerformanceGuard architecture consists of agents, one on each computer and a number of Front-end Servers receiving data from the agents and acting as data repositories. Data from Front-end Servers are sent to and consolidated on a central PerformanceGuard Back-end Server. The view of the end-user experience is provided in real-time. 
PerformanceGuard offers quality assurance of scheduled changes by comparing the end-user experience before and after the change. The collected data helps you in assessing the return of investment (ROI) in the IT infrastructure.

The PerformanceGuard Agent

The PerformanceGuard agent is installed on each computer, where it passively monitors and collects computer performance data from an end-user perspective. Response times and other performance metrics like network traffic are measured to provide data on the entire IT infrastructure, including end-user computers, servers and routers. Measurements cover both client/server as well as web-based services. PerformanceGuard collects the data locally for a predefined period and at regular intervals transmits data to the PerformanceGuard Server.


Licensing model

 PerformanceGuard is licensed on the basis of the number of end-usesrs computer and devices being monitored. CapaSystems offers both a perpetual license purchase with a yearly service and support fee and a subscription model including service and support.
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